About Us

Albert Industrial Group administered by Albert Vartumian was estab- lished in 1987, manufacturing plastic injection screw and barrels. Provid- ing bimetalic screw and barrels, it has made remarkable transformations in the plastic industry.
 To maximize efficiency in quality, designing services, manufacturing, and maintenance of various screw and barrels, Albert Industrial Group has employed creative and competent engineers and utilized high-quality raw materials. It also provides a one-year guarantee which leads to de- creasing costs incurred by the manufacturers for longer periods.
 In addition, the group aims at entering all the sectors of the plastic in- dustry as well as exporting screw and barrels to neighboring countries. Among all the measures which have been taken to attain such an objec- tive, there are all-inclusive and proper management, sophisticated man- ufacturing infrastructure, and precise quality control; such efforts are ex- erted consistently.


Our vision

We are committed to facilitating the development of innovative technologies in the Screw Barrels industry to expand our presence in other markets, including the machinery industry such as plastic injection machines and extruders, and to broaden our services in downstream petrochemical industries. Furthermore, in this regard, by leveraging experienced and competent specialists and providing world-class services, we aim to be pioneers and meet the needs of our customers as the best service provider.

Our mission

Albert Industrial Group aims to strengthen the country’s barrel and screw barrel industry through innovation, continuous improvement, and expertise in the design, production, maintenance, and repair of screw barrels. We strive to elevate the quality level, efficiency, reliability, and performance of the industry by leveraging our experience, knowledge, contemporary technology, and collaboration with reputable international companies, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the manufacturing sector in our country.

Organizational Values:

  • Customer-centricity, respect, and honor
  • Commitment and accountability
  • Continuous improvement with a focus on creativity and innovation
  • Building trust and honesty
  • Integration of science and experience with a foundation of skill and technology

Strategic Pillars:

  • Utilizing knowledge, technology, and leading human capital, motivated, and creating an ideal environment for employee engagement
  • Sustainable quality throughout the product lifecycle and timely delivery, respecting flexibility and alignment with customer needs
  • Increasing profitability through sustainable value chain development
  • Brand development
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